Monday, September 19, 2011

My first kiss!

It's not what you think!

We skype England every weekend, Our Saturday evenings finds us glued to the computer screen waiting for our weekly chat with Jack.

I was lucky enough to arrive in England several hours before Jacks birth, but after he was a month old, the only way to watch him grow was via Skype. He traveled to New Zealand for his first birthday and I have had a month with him this winter. So its back to Skype again.

Last night, while blowing him good night kisses, Jack decided to kiss Grandma good-bye. Its the funniest thing watching via web-cam, a small dribbly mouth coming straight at you. Hope his father got the goobies off the screen.


  1. hahaha oh bless him. Sounds like Marian's Grand daughter it scared her seeing her grammie on the 'television' I guess children do get surprised sometimes. Your Jack will become used to seeing you on there all the time. I am on Skype too Cathy!!!!!

  2. Cathy, I don't use a frame by the way, I pin and that's it. jan x