Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stuff I have made

My first mystery quilt. I think it has been the one I enjoyed the most, as the shapes really had me wondering what I was going to end up with.

Once I put it all together, I gave it to one of the elderly residents at my work. She is always telling me the "girl in the office made it"!

The quilt on the right, I made for Jack, it depicts our two cats, doing what they did best, the cat on the right has now gone to moggy heaven.

This one was also for Jack, the reverse can be used as a quilt, on the side that is showing, the buildings all velcro into place and Jack can push the trains around. I wrapped every peice individually so that he had lots of parcels on Christmas Day!

This Girly Quilt was made for my daughter-in-law Sally, for her 30th birthday. It was a block of the month over 10 months and was a delight to make.

Siobhan's quilt, made for Chritsmas
2010, in her favourite colors. Did the blocks at a class I went to, tedious pinning the stack but lots of fun seeing the different patterns emerge.


  1. Fabulous pictures Cathy, I love seeing others Quilts, and of course you were kind enough to send me that pattern of the girly quilt which is on my todo list. jan x

  2. Love your quilts, especially the double use one,what a great idea!

  3. Hi Cathy,
    I just love Jack's quilt. How clever to make those buildings! I've still got the Girly Quilt pattern you sent me, waiting to be done. I'm about to start the black and white swap blocks for my granddaughter.